Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sierra 184

Good Afternoon Family and Friends of S184.
Sieraa 184 arrived on 2/22/2011 and are scheduled to graduate on 4/15/2011.
Please send letters of support to:

CAPE MAY NJ 08204-5083

The company commanders for S184 are MK1 Jakubowicz, Mk1 Wagner, and GMC Werner


megiddo10 said...

Perseverance and determination will guide you to calmer waters.
Congratulations Josh and to all of Sierra 184.

Love, Mema and Deda

Melanie said...

Good luck & Godspeed Sierra 184 !!! So proud of our brother and uncle, Josh ... see you in April :)

Love ya',
Brad,Mel,Tyler & Conner

Cecilia said...

Best of Luck to all of Sierra 184! Tim, stay strong and determined and you will succeed...see you in April :-)
Love, Mom

Julie said...

Your hard work and determination has paid off I could not be any prouder than I am right now I Love you SR Guarino..Love Mom

Lindsey said...

Good Luck Sierra 184! I'm so proud of you and don't forget we all love you back at home. I miss you SR Guarino :)
Love, Lindsey

mmcm1 said...

Good luck Michael,and all of the sierra 184. Hope all is going well,I am sure your doing just great.You have to know how proud we are of you.Can't wait to see you at graduation.

Cris said...

We are so proud of you JorD'an. Give it your all like you've always done and you'll reach your goal! We love you and miss you and cant wait for graduation. We'll all be there.

Love you Mom, Merritt, Sam and all your family and friends from MS and Indiana!!!!

shannon said...

To all of Sierra 184, Best of luck & God bless all of you. Eric, remember full heart, clear eyes, can't loose. We are so proud of you and can't wait to see you at graduation! Much love & respect! Uncle Rob, Auntie Shannon, Riley, Ryan & Will

kathy8505 said...

Good Luck Sierra 184! Kimmy we are so proud of you! Cant wait till you graduate and we can see you!

Love Aunt Kathy & Lisa

David said...

Best of luck to all of Sierra 184. I am so proud of you Devon. You can do whatever you put your heart and mind to. My prayers are with you. Love, Dad

Nancy Sorensen said...

I know you will be strong and work hard, I'm so proud of you! can't wait for April 15, SR Sorensen.
love You,
Mom, Dad, Travis and Grampa

Craig B said...

You're on your way Sierra 184! We love you SR Trevathan. You make us proud! See you April 15th.

Mom, Craig, Joon, Doy & Jay

Sgt Julie Love (Ret) said...

WE have a facebook page set up for Sierra 184. Its a great way to stay in touch with other families and you might get to see video and pics of your recruit, too! Here is the link:


Laura said...

Way to go Sierra 184! You are on your way to becoming guardians! Semper Paratus!

Love ya Nick!
love, your family & friends

kodi said...

Best of Luck to Sierra 184 && especially to my boyfriend, David. I am so proud of you and I miss you!

Love you,

Deanna said...

Jared, your family loves you!!!!!

raoul said...

Jared, Nery and Raoul miss you. We can't wait for you to graduate. Good luck to you.

Jen said...

Good luck Sierra 184 :] April 15th is just four weeks away! I love you Kevin! Stay strong!

Melissa, Deb, Jeff & Dan

Paula said...

Sierra 184 keep up the hard work and your determination to become Guardians. You all are doing great. We are PROUD of you SR Bailey. We miss you and can't wait to see you. We love You.

Love You
Mom, Dad, Krista

Miguel said...

We are very proud of you Josh and Sierra 184. Can't wait to see you. Love you. Meme & Pepe.

Makes you mad but helps you if you listen said...

Sierra 184 and Archer. Be bold young soldiers. Archer you have a long family history of being a soldier. Archer's are the worlds best technical and long distance warriors. See you on April 15th!

Aunt Jenny said...

Josh - glad to hear you are doing really well. I talked to your Dad last nite and he said you were going to be stationed in Hawaii. Sounds good to me even though it's a little on the far side. Not too much longer to gradution. Really proud of you!!! God Bless and Keep You safe during your new journey.
Love ya. Aunt Jenny