Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Happy Holidays from Captain Thomas

I just wanted to express my sincere thank you for all that each of you and your staffs do for each other, the Coast Guard and our country. I'm continually amazed by the commitment, courage and character of everyone at the Training Center. I would also like to thank you for your efforts in making our Guardians in training so successful in the fleet.

As we move into the holiday season, please use the Guardian Ethos to guide your leadership... Invest in those things that protect, defend and save your folks. We need them to return in 2009. Safety must be our highest priority.

My message is especially personal this year. Most of you probably know that our daughter was in a serious car accident on Friday. Despite being cut out of the car by the jaws of life, she was treated and released that night... She was wearing her seat belt and in a car listed in the highest safety ratings. Side air bag deployment. The car took the brunt of the energy... as it was designed. Her car was a total loss. It was around noon and good weather. Everyone was sober. Accidents are not confined to late night with drunk drivers...

The words...protect, defend, save and shield have a personal meaning. I am thankful for the Guardian Ethos.

Be well.

Happy Holidays
The Thomas Family


U180Dad said...

Sorry to hear about you daughter,glad she is doing ok.Bad thing can happen so quickly to good people.My son is up there now in U180,first time he has ever been away from home for this long and away from his twin brother.I no he is missing home but I no in my heart his is being well taken care of.God Bless you and your family and have a great Christmas.

Paulita said...

As parents, we all dread that call saying our child has been in a car accident. We are very thankful your
daughter is well.

We look forward to our son graduating
this Friday. We know he is very proud and honored to be stepping into a
career as a Guardian. We look forward to watching him excel and advance his knowledge in the years to come.

It has been a pleasure reading your
updates as we awaited this great Friday.

Thank You,

The Hayes Family

Martha said...

Thank you, Captain Thomas, for writing your thoughts and reflections to the recruits and to us, as families. It has meant a great deal during these weeks of hope and concern for my son in this new endeavor. I am so glad your daughter is safe.
I look forward to visiting the Training Center and perhaps having the opportunity to meet you when we come for T180's graduation.
May your family's holidays be filled with joy and peace!

Victoria said...

Happy Holidays to Cape May Training Center.

Looking forward to visiting Cape May on 12*12*08 for Romeo 180 Graduation.

I'm very proud of our new Guardian
SR Robertson O E



joe cool said...

Anyone got any news from Uniform 180. I wish the person who is writing the journals would give us more info, more pictures or something. Just wondering how their doing. Got any news to share? Thank you.

U180Dad said...
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ProudCoastieMomV-F said...

Thank you so much Captain Thomas, for your personal touch and giving us a peak into your personal life! So sorry to hear about your daughter and so glad that she is doing well. Please give us an update on her in your next post. I can't imagine your horror when getting that phone call.

Thanks also to you and your staff for taking good care of our family members during this holiday season. Thanks also to those families who took our family members into thier homes for Operation Fireside - what a relief it was to hear from our family member on Christmas Day!

I'm so excited that U-180's graduation is next week. Can't believe how quickly time has gone by..

Happy New Year to you and all the staff members of Training Center Cape May!