Wednesday, December 17, 2008

New Journal Entries and Information about X-Ray 180

Good Evening Everyone -
We have journal entries posted for S180, T180, U180, and V180.

We picked up 86 new recruits on Dec. 16, 2008.

They will meet their company commanders on Friday and form as X-Ray 180.

Their company commanders are Petty Officer 1st Class Sean Ross, Petty Officer 1st Class Mark Fisher, and Petty Officer 2nd Class David Hardy.

Graduation is scheduled for Feb. 6, 2008.

Recruit Company X180/Healy Hall
CAPE MAY NJ 08204-5083

Have a good day!


mariposa said...

nice pic of V180 though I wish it was easier to see my recruit, thanx forposting the journal update, cant wait for the next one love ya V180

Searider Dad said...

Aloha V180,

i have read your journal and can see alot of positives for your recruit class., internet journal..awesome. you 808boys try and keep warm the best you can.


Unknown said...

Thanks again to the writer of the T180 journal---you have done an excellent job of keeping us informed over these weeks. I am sorry to hear, T180, that your "colors" remain elusive but it is heartening to hear your positive spirit---the achievements which are the most difficult to attain are often the ones from which we learn the most--We know you can achieve whatever you are willing to work for---We will see you next week at Graduation!!!!

mariposa said...

hi yeah now I am a little worried too that my recruit isnt getting his letters from his loved ones here in california either, can someone please let us know what is goin on with the mail delivery over there, or how it works for them to get their letters please? Thank you

Searider Dad said...

Aloha V180,

when i read your last journal, the word "complacent" comes to mind. do not let that word doom all of your efforts. stand tall, heads high, even when you are getting ripped a new one. remember that these instructors are preparing you for the harsh realities of protecting our blessed nation. i'm an army soldier whose son chose his own path, and hopefully with your teamwork, you can overcome this minor setback.

IMUA (Go Forward)

Me said...

A lot of questions about mail, and how slow recruits are to get it. Remember that mail is slow this time of year anyway, then add the several additional sorting steps once the mail does arrive at the training center, coupled with the shear volume of mail recieved, it is going to be slower than you would expect. Remember also that the training center does not recieve any mail shipments on Saturday.

Me said...

There seems to be a lot of questions on weather or not recruits can read this blog, and how the journal is written...

As a rule, recruits have very limited use of the internet. For official business only (sorry this blog would not qualify) and only in the later weeks of training. The posts are written by recruits however. Each company has a few recruits assigned as the journalists, i think they are called recruit historians, they write on behalf of the entire company.

Me said...

One more note on if recruits read this or not... I have heard of CCs reading the blog to the company if they are doing really good, or on the opposite end of the spectrum, if they are really struggling, and need a little pick me up, to get remotivated... So keep the encourging words coming!

mariposa said...

Thank you for responding about the mail, do you know what the estimated time is with all the delays for the recruits to recieve their mail? Like if I sent a recruit a Chritmas card last Friday would he have gotten it this week? Thank you, again. Keep up the hard work everyone over there!

KimiVern said...

The final journal posting of T-180 was a most touching, encouraging and beautiful post. It brought tears to my eyes - I would encourage you all to read that post. WOW! Kudos to the author(s) of that journal.

I know now that I have nothing to worry about for my family member - as they also have formed a new and lasting family in U-180!!

Go U-180 I pray you'll see those colors soon!

Thanks Training Center Cape May for allowing us this glimpse in the lives of our SR's!

Go Coast Guard! said...

For X-RAY 180 SR MONTCALM, NATHAN... OO-RAH! from brother Zachary, Dad, Mom, Sis, and all your cousins, friends, and everyone else in southern USA. We're so proud of you we're about to pop! Becoming the best is much more than just anyone can achieve. You're not just anyone! See you Feb. 06!

Jane M said...

Happy New Year X-180! Keep up the good work and stay strong...Conor P, we miss you and love you and couldn't be more proud! Can't wait for the next journal entry. See you in February

Johnnie said...

X-Ray 180 ROCKS! SR Ayala, Matthew J,,,,,,,,,,Take the bull by its horns: Go get 'em son! Wrote you a letter today (1/6/09), hope you get it soon. March on into the sunset of opportunity and I'll see you Feb. 6th!! Love dad..

J Adams said...

Happy New Year and thank you for the post. Just found this today. We will be checking it during the remainder of basic training. Keep up the good work and stay strong. We are so proud of you. Brendan in X-180.
Mom & Lance