Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Juliet 181

Recruits who arrived Tuesday will form as Juliet 181 on Friday.

Please send mail to:

CAPE MAY NJ 08204-5083



Andy said...

We know you've been on the ground less than 24 hours, but we're already pulling for you! Especially our guy from Atlanta...

claudia sampaio said...

Gonçalves, T
Espero que esteja td bem por ai. E o frio? Recebi hoje o endereço do site. Estamos com saudades e muito orgulhosos de você!

Alyssa said...

As Andy said, you have only been there for about 24 hours, but I hope everything went and is going well! I can't wait to get my first letter! I'll be camped out by the mailbox! I miss you and just know that you will do great! Love you.
Love Always,

crowcreative said...

Hi Greg,

I have called everyone on your list (I left messages with the ones who didn't pick up). Jen has already written you three letters, so she is anxious to send them. I know this eight weeks will go by quickly, but I look forward to getting letters from you. I will send you a note tomorrow.


Lauren said...

We send you love and asher gives you a big wet and sloppy kiss, to the best and newest coastie daddy!
Love you babe, good luck, and try to stay warm. Can't wait for my first letter!

Love Mom said...

I have a questions, anyone who came on Tuesday is in this compnay? I'm trying to figure out if my daughter is in this company but i'm not sure.

Dale Fowler said...


Congrats on starting your long awaited boot camp. I know you are excited and are going to learn a lot. We are very proud of you.

Sunshine said...

Hope everything is going well for everyone. Rain, rain, rain, here. Best of luck to everyone in Juliet.

Mom and Dad

Kathy said...

Hey Bobby hope all is going well, we know you will do great. love mom and dad

Suzie QZ said...

Hey Juliet 181. My son Is India 181 (one week ahead of your crew) Good luck to all of you!! There is a very helpful and informative Family Blog at
Just wanted you guys to know!!

crowcreative said...

How are we to use this blog space? From looking at previous company posts it looks like the recruits do not actually see the posts we leave here. Is it just a space for The Training Center to post when updates are made to the Company Journals?

crowcreative said...

I checked out the family forum at

Thanks SuzyQ! It is really informative. Click on the Coast Guard Family Forum (about the fifth formum down in the Coast Guarg forum list. Don't use the righ column navigation. It takes you away from the forum.

Also, is where the company journals will be posted once they start writing up posts.

Raine said...

It is my understanding that as long as what is posted here is appropriate they are read to the company...although it might vary from company to company depending on their CC's. Hope that helps!

Good luck Juliet 181!

LORRILY said...

Hi R.J.
I hope you are dong well. I am anxious to hear how your fist week went. Rocky is doing well and misses you. Cards are in the mail and should reach you soon. I am very proud of you.

mykids'mom said...

We know you've got what it takes. God, Strength, Honor, Character, Pride! Be the best! We all love and miss you but we couldn't be more proud!

Mom & Dad, Leah & Alec

Clare said...


We're beyond proud of you for getting this far. Keep your chin up, you can do it! Everyone is missing you.


Clare, Nat, Connor & Elly

kenpatty said...

Hello Jared... this is patty telling you to hang in there. You can do it! It'll be all worth it. Still cold here and rainy. Had snow sunday.. 4 inches. Take care.. miss you patty

sallybenavides said...

Hola Alex, esperamos te encuentres bien, la casa no es igual sin ti, te extrañamos mucho. Te queremos y estamos muy orgullosos de ti. Te veremos pronto hazlo todo con orgullo y corazon
Tus padres
Ralph and Sally Benavides

Stephanie Paone said...

I know you'll do great, Mike! I miss you and pray for you often. Can't wait to see you when you get out. You'll have to take me out for a late birthday celebration...hehe.

Love you, little bro!


Prissy said...

Hello, Biddy!

You have been on my mind. I am so excited for you to begin this new part of your life. Hope all is going well. I love you and am taking good care of your mom!

Love you,


sallybenavides said...

Hi Mijo!!!

I love you to much un chingo
Hope every thing is fine,the house is not the same any more without you, it is a week, and is like it been a year.

Say hi to all Juliet 181 for me.

Ralph Benavides

Albert said...

Fala ai gazela!!
Como eh q ta o treinamento?
Manda brasa ai!!
Tentei te ligar um dia desses mas logo lembrei que estava em treinamento...
Depois entra emm contato ai!!
Ouvi dizer que tem um maluco ai nesse grupamento que ta invadindo o quarto dos caras de madrugada...Ve se para com essa parada!!

Proud Mom said...

My son graduated a couple of weeks ago the recruits have no idea what is written on here, it is a support for spouses, parents, etc, the recruits do not get to read these.

Lauren said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dale Fowler said...

For the parents or freinds who are interested, You can go to the Journals and Juliet 181 posted its first journal as of March 31.

Amber Anglin said...


Hello! Saw your mom last night with Amber and Aprile. She is doing great and all I have to say is...SOLDIER BOY!


Amber Anglin said...


I hope you're doing so good! I miss talking to you! Stay strong and keep God first always. Write me soon! I love you b.


Lij's Sister said...

Hey Lij,

Everyone is so proud of you! We know it is tough, but we know YOU CAN DOOO IT!!! We love you and we miss you!

Mom, Bonnie, Bill, Carrie, & Anna

kellersmith said...

Hi Justin!
We all miss you, but we are so proud of you! You've already made it through 2 weeks - can't wait to see you at graduation!!
With love,
Mom, Dad, Tyler and Woody

Anonymous said...

Elijah i dunno if u get this or not, but i have been & will continue to pray for you (& your company)
i know Ya'll are doing the Best!!

Love your sister Anna

USCG in CM said...

Just FYI ... unfortunately, your recruit does not have access to this blog. As "Proud Mom" wrote, this blog is not shared with them and is meant to be a tool for family and friends to interact with one another.

Almost half way through so hang in there families!

realdeal said...

Juliet's blog this week reads like there's some real problems. As the father of a recent grad it looks to me like the CG ought to dump about half that company. If there are these kinds of problems now, no telling what kind of attitude some of these recruits might cop when seconds count and lives are at stake. Oh by the way, don't kid yourselves in thinking your sons or daughters get to read your input, but the CC's sure do!

Proud Mom said...

Hang in there, getting that phone call at the end of week 5 is worth the wait, also be prepared for a different son/daughter coming home to you. My son Graduated in Feb and still says this is the best thing he ever did.
If at all possible I would suggest going to graduation, it is an experience that you would not want to miss, and just a reminder the recruits do not get computer access so they cannot read what you write to them, put it in a letter and then they will know how much you care.

SIR said...

Realdeal obviously doesn't know much about management. While the first journal might have had some anger written into it, that makes a great start to a powerful unit. The next journal I think shows that Juliet 181 is going to be just fine. Go Juliet 181. We are cheering you on.