Saturday, November 28, 2009

Commanding officer thanks local community for their hospitality

To the greater South Jersey community,
Thank you all for your generosity in sharing your Thanksgiving with our Coast Guard enlisted recruits. As is typical each holiday, so many of you volunteer your time, your phones and computers, your dinner and fellowship to make a recruit feel at home for the day. From ball games to limousines, recruits had a fun day of relaxing and saying hello to their families back home. A testament to our local partners, the waiting list for assisting was long. Again, thanks to the Red Cross for sponsoring Operation Fireside. They stand next to first responders in all types of situations and we could not do our missions without their support! If you participated, you are invited to your recruits graduation. We have much to be thankful for this year. Despite the dangers of the world and our missions, I am so proud to serve with these young men and women who have volunteered to serve their communities and their country by joining the Coast Guard. I know our future is in good hands. Thanks for your contributions in their development!

v/r Cari Batson Thomas, CAPT
Commanding Officer
Training Center Cape May
609 898-6901

"Commitment, Courage, Character"


Gail and Ed said...

SR Chris Slaughter/November 182
Our family's THANKS also to the family that hosted our son. We were able to talk with Chris three different times and also had an opportunity to talk with his family at the end of the evening. Chris had a wonderful time - they took the boys to a local high school rival football game, had lots of great food and watched some football on TV. Chris said the fellowship and food were great!! Thanks, also, to the base commander for allowing families to come together with the recruits at the holiday time and help make being away from home a little easier.
Gail & Ed Slaughter

cindit said...

SR Evan Talbot/November182

Thank you so much to the Laster family for hosting our son,Evan. This was our first holiday away from him and we were able to visit through telephone and computer. Evan had a great time and was so appreciative of his time to relax and enjoy the day. I would like to thank the Coast Guard for allowing our sons and daughters a chance to get a little taste of home again. May God Bless You.
Wade, Cindi, Madison, and Taylor Shea Talbot

Maureen said...

Thanks to the Elks Club for giving my son a wonderful Thanksgiving. Talked to Him on the phone and He sounded like He was having a great time. This was His first Thanksgiving away from the family. He made His first phone call home since He left, We can't thank you enough. What a great boost able to call home and letting them use the computer. The food was great the company was great and all of you are the greatest.

Unknown said...

SR Murff/Quebec 182
Thank you so much to the family that hosted our son and let him talk to us for the first time since he left. He also was able to talk to his wife several times that day. We appreciate so much the host family for blessing our Thanksgiving in the best way possible. Thank you also to the base commanders for this opportunity! Johnny & Rhonda Murff

The Reeves Family said...

Thank you ALL so much for making thanksgiving so special for all the recruits away from home we really appreciate it! thanks again!

CoastieMomOscar182 said...

Thank You "Host" Families & Participants for your Kindness and Generosity... All of you managed to lift spirits across the U.S.A. My son SR PERKINS felt truly blessed to be with such a wonderful family. From the botttom of my heart I Thank You for opening your home and allowing him to spend this Holiday with you and yours. I will be forever Greatfull!

Unknown said...

Thank you to the family that hosted our son S.R. T.A. Love, I was wonderful to hear from him and that he was enjoying his time off away from Tracen. We are so thankful that there are so many families willing to take in and treat our family members as family for the holidays. Thank you Thank you thank you
And thanks to the commanding officer for allowing this also.