Thursday, October 2, 2008

What an amazing week I’ve had by Capt. Cari B. Thomas

I got to try the new fire extinguisher trainer – real fires in a controlled environment put out with charged fire extinguishers. Make me miss my shipboard days!

I also observed the first pugil stick course. It was interesting observing how men and women have different approaches to the exercise. Both want to win, the men often tried to win through strength moves whereas the women seemed to fight more intellectually and saving their strength for moves they knew would earn them points.

I met with a number of my staff who asked for career counseling – I always share my point of view but try and not convince them that my path is the only path.

Golf-180 and I (and my dog Misty) spent two hours together last night reading the paper and chatting about the future. I was surprised that nearly half were either married or engaged already. We sang Happy Birthday to one recruit who turned 18 the day before graduation. I’m excited about their graduation.

The social calendar was crazy this week. Played Name That Tune with my husband – crashed and burned on songs newer than this century. Attended a farewell ceremony for nine civilian employees at my husband’s command. Went to an amazing wetting down for one of our doctors from CDR to Captain. Attended a breakfast for new E-7s. lunch with award winners in Golf Company. Going to a USO Dinner in Philadelphia. Oktoberfest Grand Marshall and auxiliary dinner on Saturday. Whew!

I was very inspired by our company commanders (cc) this week during their semi-annual physical fitness test. Interestingly, we do not have a PF test requirement for the whole service, just certain parts of it, since recruits and ccs have to do it, I decided to do it as well.

I’m a 46 year old woman – ran 1.5 miles in 14:30, did 24 push ups and 22 sit ups (in a minute). Did well for my age but looking forward to doing better next April.

Thanks to all the families who support our mission and our recruits. Talk to you soon.

Capt. Cari Thomas, Commanding Officer, Coast Guard Training Center Cape May.


Carole & Bill G. said...

Dear Staff,
We were so thrilled this eve to click onto the website and see and entry on MIKE-180. Thank you so much. We back home wonder and think and even though we know our yopung one's are in good care we long for word. You say maybe pictures next week? This is the most happy news. Can you advise me who to contact to see about enlargeing the picture so as to see a face? You do not know what a wonderful thing your doing to share with us back home. Then again...the Coast Guard does things right!!! Sincere thanks
Grandma in Florida

Anonymous said...

I have a question. My husband is in Company N-180 and is graduating November 21st, and I was just wondering when you'll have a blog up about them during their training. Thats all I was wondering, thank you!!

Training Center Cape May said...

Carole - I recommend that you visit our site at Not all images will be high resolution but some will and they will be posted there.

cgange183 - The first journal entry for November will be next week.

jim monko said...

Thanks to kindness of Chief Warrant Officer Veronica Bandrowsky I was allowed to visit the USCG Training Center at Cape May, NJ. It was 40 years and 11 months since I attended boot camp in November 1967. What a special day for me and what a flash back I had? It was my 60th birthday; I got to meet the Commanding Officer and the Executive Officer by chance. My wife Diana, daughter Lisa, son-in-law Mike, and grandson Noah were also allowed to accompany me on the tour. They know how much it meant to me to have been in the U. S. Coast Guard.
I would like to say a special thank you to Chief Warrant Officer Veronica Bandrowsky for allowing us to enjoy the outstanding experience. May God Bless You and Yours.

Jim Monko, Storekeeper 2nd Class (Veteran) 1967-1971

Just a Girl in a Port said...

Great blog! I'm sure this will help a lot of folks who have questions about the boot camp.

coastie_dad said...

I think this site and this concept is fantastic. What a great way for distraught loved ones to feel connected to their Coasties, thank you. I would also like to request the ability to view larger, better quality pics. When opened and/or downloaded and enlarged, the pics become very distorted making faces unrecognizable. Again, the site is great, thank you.

Paulita said...

Just wanted to thank you and all those responsible for providing this wonderful site. Our son arrived at Cape May this week. The journal will
help us to feel in the loop.Our son has been working toward the goal of being in the USCG for three years and
now he is finally on his way to starting that career. Thanks for helping us feel connected.

Mom in Kentucky

Rusty said...

I was so thrilled to see my daughters company's journal online last week. (QUEBEC 180). I jumped out of my chair when I saw a photo of my daughter standing at attention with her squad. I printed off lots of photos of them and took one to her recruiter who put an 8X10 on his board. I am so proud of our young people taking this step in their future to protect this great country of ours. Thanks for all the good work each of the CO's are doing to make our sons and daughters the best of the best. I look forward to Quebec 180's graduation on December 5th.