Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Pugil Stick Training? By Capt. Cari Thomas

Why add pugil sticks to recruit training?

The Coast Guards external environment is always changing; accordingly, updates to recruit training are needed.

The course of instruction includes equipment familiarization, fitness screening, cardiovascular preconditioning, safety briefings, and bouts. Our instructors are trained and certified by the U.S. Marine Corps.

The pugil stick course teaches a number of objectives necessary for Coast Guard operations. There are seven principles of operation defined in our Publication 1; these are:

· Clear Objectives
· Effective Presence
· Unity/Effort
· On-scene Initiative
· Flexibility
· Managed Risk
· Restraint

Often operations take us into unfamiliar locations, unknown conditions during security operations and dangerous situations during safety situations. By developing the courage to face similar challenges through a pugil stick bout, Coast Guard men and women will be better prepared for the future. It teaches confidence, balance, situational awareness, and adaptability, all necessary traits for dealing with the maritime public. Conversely, it also teaches the ability to take a risk when told to go into harms way. Managing stress, fear and adrenaline are all done on a daily basis in the Coast Guard, all in a fashion that uses only the necessary force to compel compliance - a fundamental requirement in our federal enforcement authorities. Developing the ability to deal with stress in a controlled training environment is part of the overall purpose of the instruction.

* Video courtesy of Recruit Company Yankee 180.




Santana Jade said...

wow awesome video. 9 more days YANKEE!

J.R.'sGirl said...

Thank you for the video! 9 days, thats not long at all!!!

Unknown said...

My son's gonna love this. His big brother's won't be bothering him anymore.

Keli said...

Thanks for the video...only 8 days!

Unknown said...

Capt Thomas,

We sure appreciate the efforts you have made to keep us informed about recruit training. The company journal, the photos and videos, the messages from the training staff, and the blog you have provided show a first rate coordinated effort to provide greatly welcomed news and imformation to loved ones. It shows a real understanding of the many dimensions to recruit success. We are comforted to know that the USCG is the right place for our son to grow as a person of character and integrity.

Anonymous said...

You have my Grandson there. After reading your Recruit Journals Blog, I am confident you will give him back to us with all the tools and knowledge he will need to have a successful Coast Guard career.